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RollaPoll Mobile Survey Features

From survey creation to reporting. Take the step into mobile survey technology now and leverage multiple benefits:

  • Fast and easy questionnaire creation
  • No language barriers thanks to multilingual questionnaire output. Left-to-right as well as right-to-left languages are supported.
  • Brand your surveys / follow a theme
  • Closed-ended question types
  • Open-ended question types for respondents to enter comments
  • Forms for the respondents to enter name, email, phone and other information
  • Rating and ranking question types
  • Branching and conditional skipping
  • Piping (text replacement) to carry over what was selected in an earlier question


With RollaPoll at your side you can give your surveys a unique look and feel. Add your logo, background images, answer choice images, fonts, and even brief videos, sound... Also insert information screens.


The RollaPoll survey app helps keep the survey take time as short as possible. It is easy to apply branching and conditional skipping to ensure respondents are served only relevant questions.

Reports Now

While you are collecting data, RollaPoll uploads data, synchronizes data and compiles uploaded data into lists and charts so you can view and download results and reports anytime or download raw data only.

Why mobile surveys?

Computer-assisted personal interviews have been a favorite way of gathering customer feedback from respondents in face-to-face interviews and self-administered surveys at a kiosk for more than a decade. 

Mobile surveys not only add greater freedom of where surveys are conducted, they are also a smart, logical, and cost-effective route for anyone wanting to conduct marketing research quickly and efficiently at modest costs.

RollaPoll Overview, PDF

Why RollaPoll?

If you want to conduct surveys and opinion research without hiring additional staff or outsourcing the job to a third party, RollaPoll is for you. The RollaPoll survey software is designed so you can manage mobile surveys yourself.

RollaPoll delivers instantly available actionable results as well as pre-formatted survey reports. In addition to readily available reports, data filters and cross tabulations can be applied. Raw data are available for download in popular formats (.csv, .xls and .xlsx).


RollaPoll Mobile Survey Question Type Examples

Single Choice questions

RollaPoll survey app, single choice question

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Typical usages of closed ended single choice questions are simple Yes/No questions as well as rating questions on a scale of 5, of 7 or 10 or using a custom scale. Respondents may select one only out of several answer choices offered.

multiple choice questions

respondents may select all that apply

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Closed ended multiple choice questions handle multiple selection questions, e.g. "select all that apply". They also can be used to limit selections to two, three, etc. Another typical use of multiple choice questions is ranking.

answer choices in pictures

answer choices in RollaPoll survey show pictures of car body styles

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Any of the closed-ended questions types can have the answer choices showing a picture rather than showing text. Answer choice pictures help to add clarity to the question asked. They also help keeping respondents engaged.

opinion grids

the RollaPoll survey also supports opinion grid question types

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Opinion grids are closed ended questions with a scale and several attributes. They can be restricted (select one per row) or they may allow multiple selections per  row. Frequently used for Likert Scales.

ranking questions

respondents are offered survey questions where they can rank their top three favorite answer choices

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Ranking questions can allow to rank  answer choices by importance, by preference, etc. Where applicable, ranking can be limited to rank top three only, top five only...

rating questions

rating customer experience in RollaPoll survey

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 In RollaPoll, rating scales can be customized as determined by the marketing researcher, e.g. five-scales; seven-scales, ten-scales; scales low-to-high and high-to-low.

open-ended numeric

RollaPoll surveys also support numeric question types

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Using the on-screen keypad, respondents can enter answers in numeric format. E.g. zip code, year of birth, phone number...

open-ended alphanumeric

respondents can input their comments in RollaPoll alphanumeric question type

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Using the on-screen keypad, respondents can enter answers in alphanumeric format, e.g. enter comments or specify "Other" selections 

open-ended form

survey respondents can enter their personal information in form question types

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Respondents can complete forms asking for personal information like name, email, street address, zip code, phone number...

The above question type example is not a complete list of all of RollaPoll's questionnaire design features. The RollaPoll survey app also supports several variants of single choice and multiple choice question types, as well as specialty question types like Smart Search And Select lists, information screens, videos inserted in between questions, individual export choice codes, and a wide range of advanced survey features like piping (text replacement), branching and conditional skipping.