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Frequently Asked Questions About RollaPoll Mobile Surveys

What is the RollaPoll survey app?
mixed mode survey data collection includes RollaPoll mobile surveys

RollaPoll is a modern survey app available for the Android as well as the Windows operating system. RollaPoll is part of the Digivey Survey software family. Survey data collected with the one or the other survey software can be merged.


Who is the publisher of the RollaPoll survey app?
software designer Creoso publishes RollaPoll mobile survey software

The RollaPoll survey app is published by CREOSO Corp in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, who also publishes the Digivey Survey Suite. The data collected with RollaPoll are compatible with Digivey touch screen surveys as well as Digivey online surveys.

Can I use the RollaPoll with all Android devices?
supported Android versions start with Android version 2

The current download version of RollaPoll is compatible with Android 4.2 and higher. Please contact customer service if you want to use RollaPoll with Android devices <4.2 for the download link that is compatible with Android versions 2.3 to 4.1.

Can I use the RollaPoll with other operating systems than Android?
RollaPoll survey app supports the Android as well as the Windows operating system

Yes, there is also a Windows version of the RollaPoll survey app. Windows 10, 8, 7 are supported. The RollaPoll for Windows survey app is best used with Wi-Fi connected survey kiosks and survey tablets. Please contact us with questions.

Do I need to install the RollaPoll survey app on each of my devices?
download the RollaPoll survey app and install it on each of your tablets

Yes, you need to install RollaPoll for Android, respectively RollaPoll for Windows, on each of your survey kiosks or survey tablets, and also register each survey device in your online RollaPoll account.

Do I need permanent internet connection while running a RollaPoll survey?
RollaPoll surveys reliabley work offline and online

No, permanent internet connection during survey data collection is not required. The RollaPoll survey app will synchronize with its web portal, and upload any not yet uploaded survey data after the connection is re-established.

Are there updates available for RollaPoll?
get notified when RollaPoll survey app updates are available

Yes, free updates are available from time to time. As a registered user you will receive update notifications via email, and also find respective messages in your account.

What are RollaPoll response credits, and why do I need them?
low cost consumption-based mobile surveys

While the RollaPoll survey app itself can be downloaded for free, it is necessary to purchase response credits to make it work. Please see the subscription plans for users new to the Digivey survey software family. Existing Digivey users please see the pay-as-you-go price plans.