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How It Works - RollaPoll Survey App for Android

Trade Show Feedback Made Easy

Don't let your next trade show or event go by without asking attendees a few questions. In addition to collecting rating and ranking questions, you can use RollaPoll's form-based question types for sign-ups or for gathering respondents' personal information.

Employ RollaPoll mobile survey power for better, smarter and faster customer feedback. RollaPoll makes it really easy to take the step into mobile survey technology and to leverage the multiple benefits of mobile computer assisted survey data collection.

With the RollaPoll survey app and your Android or Windows device you have a reliable, powerful survey data collection tool in your hands that makes conducting customer surveys not only easy but also hassle free. And most importantly, it saves you workload, time and money.

What you can do with the RollaPoll survey app

Create Survey

create a mobile survey with the Composer survey authoring tool

With your subscription comes Digivey Composer the survey authoring tool of RollaPoll's sister product, the Digivey Survey Suite. Just type the questions or copy and paste them from your word processor. If desired, add one or more languages. When done editing the survey questionnaire, upload it to your account at the RollaPoll server.

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Deploy Survey

register an unlimited number of survey tablets in your account

The deployment process is as quick and easy as you may want it to be and works remotely. Select the project you want to deploy and then select one, several or all tablets. Then click to send. A short second later all selected tablets will have the new survey project ready to run. Survey data collection can start and results begin to pour in.  

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Survey Reports

view and download reports and raw data

Your account on the RollaPoll server gives you access to survey data, readily compiled charts, as well as  reports. Depending on the type of survey you are running, you may want to use some of RollaPoll's comprehensive data filters and cross tabulations. Anytime you need it, generate a pre-formatted report at the click of a button.

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What You Can Do With RollaPoll

engaging mobile surveys with RollaPoll survey app

The RollaPoll survey app for Android tablets is a comprehensive survey tool for diverse market research applications.

interviewer starts RollaPoll mobile survey

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, trade show surveys, event surveys or use it for face-to-face surveys in retail, hospitality and tourism.

  • Apply a wide variety of closed-ended and open-ended question types, including single and multi-row selection opinion grids, as well as Likert Scales
  • Use surveys with single language or multiple languages
  • Display your mobile survey questionnaire in an appealing, customizable format
  • Run your mobile surveys in a continuous survey loop: As one survey is submitted, a new survey start screen is presented
  • Capture the geo-location (GPS) of the survey location
  • Enhance the look and feel of your surveys with your branding and logo
  • See the survey results in real-time
  • Have auto-generated, comprehensive survey reports at your fingertips at any time, from anywhere
  • Download pre-formatted survey reports
  • Download survey raw data in .csv and MS Excel format

More What You Can Do With RollaPoll

a range of advanced survey features give marketing research professional better choices for questionnaire design

The feature-rich RollaPoll survey app is a full-featured survey tool that includes basic as well as advanced survey features marketing research professionals can use to design interactive questionnaires for data collection with mobile devices. In addition to a wide range of question types, features like conditional skip logic, multilingual questionnaires, multimedia integration, mixed-mode data collection support and survey branding complement RollaPoll's offerings.

young crowd enjoying RollaPoll mobile surveys

Moreover, RollaPoll provides a range of time-saving features that greatly help to streamline processes and reduce workload.

  • Manage all your Android survey devices and assign survey projects from one place
  • Monitor the number of survey records collected so far
  • Query and monitor quotas directly from your mobile survey device
survey data collected with Digivey powered survey kiosks and survey tablets as well as Digivey online surveys can be merged with RollaPoll survey data

Merge mobile survey data with data collected with Digivey kiosk surveys, Digivey Windows tablet surveys as well as Digivey online surveys. Easily bring all your data regardless of geographical location and data collection methodology to one common place.