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How It Works - RollaPoll Survey App For Windows

RollaPoll for Windows Makes Networked Surveys Perform Super-Efficient

Professional and in-house market researchers wanting to cut down workload and time for survey deployment and reporting can save a significant amount of time through automating survey deployment and reporting processes.

RollaPoll for Windows makes it really easy to take the step into networked survey technology, and to leverage its multiple benefits.

Getting started is quick and painless. Upon subscribing to the RollaPoll for Windows service, you can download the RollaPoll for Windows app to all your survey devices running under Windows 10, 8, 7.

There is no specialist knowledge required to work with RollaPoll for Windows.

What you can do with a RollaPoll for Windows subscription

Create Survey

create a mobile survey with the Composer survey authoring tool

Included in your subscription to RollaPoll for Windows is Digivey Composer, the renowned, versatile survey authoring tool of the Digivey Survey Suite. Questionnaire design with Digivey Composer is easy. Just type the questions or copy and paste them from your word processor.

There are plenty of questionnaire design features you can use: A wide variety of question types, branching, skipping, text-replacement (piping), randomization, and more.

Where desired, logos, pictures, videos and audios can be integrated.

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Deploy Survey

register an unlimited number of survey tablets in your account

Upload new or edited surveys to RollaPoll's web portal. Then assign the survey to some or all survey devices registered in your account.

Within seconds, the selected survey devices will refresh and make the new survey available for respondents to complete. RollaPoll for Windows will automatically upload and synchronize completed surveys.

Survey kiosks running under Windows can be mixed with survey tablets and survey devices running under Android. Optionally, the same survey can be deployed as an online survey

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Manage Results

view and download reports and raw data

Your account at the RollaPoll web portal gives you access to survey data, readily compiled charts, as well as easy-to-read survey reports.

Comprehensive data filters let you filter data by a variety of criteria. Reporting capabilities also include cross tabulations. Anytime you need it, you can generate a pre-formatted report at the click of a button, or download raw data in .csv and Excel format.

RollaPoll's web portal also offers survey result sharing through visitor accounts users can issue to team members, clients and other stake holders.

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For who RollaPoll for Windows is made for

engaging mobile surveys with RollaPoll survey app

Any business or organization with multiple survey locations and access to Wi-Fi or network connection can benefit from the efficiency of networked surveys.

interviewer starts RollaPoll mobile survey

RollaPoll for Windows is particularly valuable for businesses needing to conduct surveys through survey kiosks and survey tablets running under Windows 10, 8, 7.

Examples include:

  • Healthcare providers wanting to conduct patient surveys in some or all clinics
  • Museums, aquariums and zoos surveying visitors using multiple survey kiosks or survey tablets
  • Retailers fielding on-site customers surveys in multiple outlets
  • Educational institutions wanting to survey students on some or all campusses
  • Nospitality and tourist industry gathering customer feedback with kiosks or tablets
  • Financial institutions with multiple locations
  • Trade show organizers and trade show exhibitors
survey data collected with Digivey powered survey kiosks and survey tablets as well as Digivey online surveys can be merged with RollaPoll survey data

Thanks to its broad range of question types, advanced questionnaire design tools and customization options, RollaPoll for Windows is an ideal survey tool for any industry.


Why RollaPoll for Windows?

a range of advanced survey features give marketing research professional better choices for questionnaire design

The feature-rich RollaPoll for Windows survey app is a full-featured survey tool that includes basic as well as advanced survey design tools. In addition to a wide range of question types, features like branching, conditional skip logic, randomization, text-replacement (piping), multilingual questionnaires, multimedia integration, spoken surveys, mixed-mode data collection support and survey branding are part of RollaPoll for Windows.

young crowd enjoying RollaPoll mobile surveys

RollaPoll provides a range of time-saving features that greatly help to streamline processes and reduce workload.

  • Gain remote control over surveys and devices
  • Manage surveys,survey devices as well as reporting from RollaPoll's web portal
  • Reduce survey deployment time to seconds
  • Monitor the performance of the entire survey device fleet from one place
  • View and download results and reports anytime, from anywhere
  • Save time distributing survey reports through visitor accounts
survey data collected with Digivey powered survey kiosks and survey tablets as well as Digivey online surveys can be merged with RollaPoll survey data

Extend the reach and diversity of respondents through mixed mode surveys and add Digivey online surveys to the data collection mix. Then merge survey data from all data collection locations and channels into one common place.