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rich features for professional mobile surveys

The RollaPoll survey app can be used for market and opinion research surveys in all industries with direct customer contact. It is equally useful for face-to-face interviews as for self-administered surveys. RollaPoll captures single-choice responses, multiple choice responses, opinion grids, Likert scales, comments, personal information, ratings and rankings. Videos, images and information screens can be inserted in the survey questionnaires as well. Other questionnaire design features include randomization, piping (text replacement), branching and conditional skipping. Mobile survey screenshots can be found on the features page.

At the backend, a powerful online reporting tool auto-generates reports and charts at any time. Reporting also includes a pre-formatted ready-to-go survey report in PDF format. In addition, the RollaPoll survey app offers data filters. Raw data can be downloaded in several formats. RollaPoll Survey App for Android Flyer

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Get feedback from customers, patients and visitors


Conduct customer satisfaction surveys and opinion research surveys.

bank customer satisfaction survey with Android tablet


Survey students, faculty and parents anywhere at the campus and at events.

event survey with Android tablet on campus


Mobile surveys are great way to find out how the venue fares among its patrons.

gathering feedback from visitors at the ballpark


Measure patient satisfaction at the doctor's office and in hospital departments.

patient satisfaction survey using Android tablet


In hospitality, guest experience and return customers are a key factor.

collecting feedback from guests in a restaurant

Museums + Galleries

Ask visitors the most pressing questions for your decision-making processes.

ask tourists and passengers about their experience using RollaPoll mobile surveys


RollaPoll mobile surveys are convenient and easy to use for in-store interviews.

successful retail surveys depend on reliable feature-rich survey tools like RollaPoll


From airport passenger surveys to cruise ship surveys, RollaPoll is ideally suited.

find out if tourists will recommend your destination to others

Trade Shows

Measure the success for your trade show with attendees and exhibitors.

use feedback from trade show attendees in your next show's marketing


Ask bus riders questions crucial for your public transportation planning.

getting customer feedback during bus rides

Visitor Centers

Visitor centers can find out first hand what customers think about their destination.

conduct mobile surveys at visitor information centers

Zoos + Aquariums

Quickly find out about your visitor's experience during their visit at the zoo.

ask zoo visitors about their experience before they leave