respondent takes mobile survey on Android tablet RollaPoll survey software delivers actionable customer feedback RollaPoll surveys work reliably in urban as well as rural areas

Customer Feedback On The Go

It's touch, it's smart, it's fast and it's an incredibly versatile survey tool for survey devices running under Android o/s. There is also a version for Windows survey devices. RollaPoll is the ultimate, feature-rich survey app, available in a Software As A Service model. As a member of the Digivey survey software family, RollaPoll has the same reliability and market research technology experience built-in as the other Digivey survey software modules. Your surveys are in good hands.

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interactive surveys with the RollaPoll survey app

With the RollaPoll survey app observing
branching and conditional skipping in the background, respondents or interviewers can concentrate on questions and answer choices without distractions.

Survey interactivity


a full set of question types for professional questionnaire design makes RollaPoll the better choice in mobile surveys

Question types range from single choice, multiple choice, opinion grids, open-ended comments, forms for information input to question types containing images, multimedia enhanced surveys and multi-lingual questionnaires.

Survey features


get access to insightful reports and charts from anywhere in the world

The RollaPoll survey app gives you access to in real-time reports at anytime from anywhere. Simply log in to your online account to view and download pre-formatted reports and reports.

Survey reports

About RollaPoll

survey questions are best asked immediately following the experienceRollaPoll is ultimate survey power you can count on in every marketing research situation: City center, airport, emergency room or someplace far outback.

With RollaPoll you can ask customers for feedback immediately following the experience when the memory is still fresh and unencumbered.

success of marketing research depends on reliable survey toolsA mobile society demands mobile solutions. With RollaPoll and your survey device, you have a solid, reliable survey power tool in hand that makes customer surveys easy and affordable.


Mixed Mode Survey Data Collection

Reach survey respondents where they play, work, or study: Gather feedback with survey tablets, survey kiosks, and online. Then merge the results for comprehensive insights into experiences and opinions.

Share Survey Reports

Invite team members and other stake holders in your organization to view reports and charts at their own time.


1Entirely paperless, sustainable survey process

2Easy and fast to complete touchscreen surveys

3Data compatible with surveys of the entire Digivey survey software family

4Professional questionnaire design features

5Use offline or online

Product News / Announcements

RollaPoll's Survey Buzz

Cloud-Enhanced Survey Management

  • RollaPoll Provides Remote Control For Busy Marketing Researchers

    api and web service technology make survey deployment with the RollaPoll survey app very efficientLet the smart technology built into the RollaPoll survey app do the work for you. Just tap or click to send off a new or edited survey questionnaire to survey devices anywhere in the world with RollaPoll's one-touch deployment feature. The magic does not stop there. RollaPoll also synchronizes the incoming survey responses from all your survey devices. When you login to your account, an easy-to-read, downloadable report awaits you. Nice!

    Updated: 5.17.17
  • Efficient Survey Processes Leave You More Time

  • One-Step Process Of RollaPoll Surveys

    effective marketing research requires fast return of survey resultsThe one-step process of survey data collection and data entry makes RollaPoll powered surveys extremely efficient, with results being available to researchers instantaneously. Actionable insights can be drawn, and used for decision making processes with confidence.

    Updated: 3.27.16
  • Report Filtering for deeper Insights

  • Deepen Insights Into Survey Data

    a RollaPoll subscription comes with profound survey analysis tools Gain deeper insight into survey data.

    Use the readily available data filters in RollaPoll's online reporting to learn who said what, why, how and when. Or even better, combine data filters with cross tabulations.

    Updated: 3.29.16
  • Capture patient feedback

  • In Focus: Healthcare Surveys

    patient satisfaction surveys deliver actionable insights for healthcare professionals  On-the-spot patient surveys help monitor quality of care.

    The better understanding of patient's perceptions, expectations, needs and trends delivers valuable insights, allowing healthcare management and staff to pinpoint and implement changes.

    Updated: 3.29.16
  • Why paper survey response are so low

  • Market Research Humor

    Rollapoll surveys beat paper surveys in response rates by double digits Why paper surveys seldom make it to the mail.

    A museum manager explains: “When we distribute paper surveys there is a big chance the customers discard it on their way out, loose it on their way home, or forget about it in the stack of paper on their kitchen table."

    Updated: 3.27.16

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interviewer starts mobile survey on Android tablet survey respondents can enter personal information into form patient satisfaction survey on Android tablet our survey device rental program is ideal for infrequent survey applications at trade shows and events easily deploy new mobile survey to all tablets in one go mobile survey system bundles with top brand Android tablets and RollaPoll survey app