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Recommended Device Options For Use With RollaPoll

RollaPoll supports Android versions 2 and higher as well as 4 and higher

The RollaPoll survey app works on tablets and smart phones running under Android 2.3 and higher. For best performance we recommend devices with Android 4.4 or higher, which is also the current download version of RollaPoll. If you own tablets running under an Android version lower than 4.4, please contact customer support to request the download link for such versions.


Survey Tablet Hardware Selection Criteria

Tablet Exterior

  • Display size: The smaller the screen the more sacrifices may be required with regards to easy readability under all kind of lighting conditions; font sizes and questionnaire design. 7 inch tablets will do a good job for most interviewer-assisted surveys. For all situations were all or part of the questionnaire is self-administered, 10 inch to 12 inch tablets should be selected.

  • Screen resolution: A minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800 is recommended but not required

  • Battery life: At minimum, the device should run a full work day work day without recharging.

  • Weight of device: The lower the weight, the better. Always consider that the interviewers or other personnel have to carry the device around the full day.

  • Overall quality of touch screen: Slow reaction to touch or insensitivity to light touch quickly gets cumbersome. Too much glare distracts and is hard on the eyes.

  • Suitability for outdoor use: If outdoor usage and/or exposure to direct sunlight is required for all or some of your mobile surveys, check out the device in direct sunlight before you buy.

  • Availability of accessories for the device: Look primarily for protective gear, e.g. to absorb shock in the event of a fall.

Survey Tablet Configuration

  • Android version: There are more features available with the higher Android versions. For example world languages are supported since version 3.

  • Storage capacity: 8 GB storage are the absolute minimum requirements for the RollaPoll survey software; 16 GB+ are recommended

  • Processor speed: Almost all tablets available on the market today are fast enough for survey data collection use
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