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RollaPoll mobile survey power for

smarter and faster customer feedback.

Take the step into mobile survey technology now and leverage the multiple benefits. With RollaPoll and your Android tablet you have a reliable, powerful survey app in hand that makes conducting paperless surveys easy and hassle free. And most importantly, the RollaPoll survey app saves you workload, time and money.

With the RollaPoll survey app at your side there are no data to crunch and no survey reports to compile. RollaPoll does the work for you. Silent, in the background, while you are still collecting more surveys.

Check out these convincing features:


feature-rich mobile survey questionnaire design

A well designed questionnaire with well thought-out questions is essential for a successful survey outcome.

With a RollaPoll subscription you also get access to compelling survey questionnaire authoring tools you need for professional questionnaire design, skip logic and survey branding.

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survey tablet powered by RollaPoll

Take your survey devices where your respondents are: Healthcare, wellness, entertainment, trade shows, events, retail, sports, hospitality, tourism, transportation.

Enjoy hassle-free survey fielding anywhere your survey work takes you - in the city or in rural areas. RollaPoll works online and offline.

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Reports Now

instantly view survey result charts

The one-step process from data collection to data compilation makes survey reports with descriptive statistics available instantaneously.

Have actionable survey reports available when and where you need it. With the visitor account widget you can also share survey results with others.

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successful mobile surveys require a solid foundation

We understand the importance of electronic surveys performing flawlessly in front of the respondent as well as behind the scenes, where market researchers work with the survey data.     

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strong mobile survey tool proven in real-world applications

With years of experience and millions  of survey responses under its belt, RollaPoll is a proven mobile survey app you can rely on for all your customer feedback needs conducted with Android tablets.

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streamlined mobile surveys save workload time and money

The RollaPoll survey app is free. With your subscription you are charged a small fee per completed survey only. There is no additional charge for the number of tablets used with your research.

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